Model No: CEWGB1100

Compact Ethernet to Wireless-G Bridge



The EtheWi Compact Ethernet To Wireless-G Bridge was designed with Dish Network™ receivers in mind but it also supports many other Ethernet enabled devices. Below are lists of common products that are supported by the EtheWi bridge.

Supported Dish Network™ Receivers:
Mode Number
Directly snaps-in to
back of receiver,
no cables necessary
Requires extension cables
included in
the EtheWi bridge package
ViP922™ X
ViP722™ X
ViP722k™ X
ViP622™ X
ViP612™ X
ViP522™ X
ViP512™ X
ViP222™ X
ViP222k™ X
ViP211™ X
ViP211k™ X

Other Supported Devices:
Many DirecTV™ receivers
Numerous Blu-Ray™ players from various manufacturers
Ethernet enabled television sets
Desktop and laptop computers

Any Ethernet enabled device